Student Activities - GUSAC


Started in the year 2011


GUSAC - GITAM Science and Activity Centre

The GUSAC team is privileged to invite the students across the GITAM. After tutting in continuous untiring efforts, we have been successful in launching a Science and Activity Centre at GITAM;


"It's not what you know; it's what you do with what you know".

Our main objective is to integrate knowledge and transfer the same to students. GUSAC provides an exclusive platform to the "Budding Future" by nourishing their creativity. It will unleashes the genius within them and capacitates them to implement their ideas in numerous problems arising to solve the world.

A fresher aims to attain his/her goals during his/her tenure in GITAM. GUSAC provides scope for students like these by imparting knowledge through classes, friendly seminars, practical assignments; it also enables them to build a team for participating in fests and assists them with the required infrastructure to make their projects, besides creating a platform for the student research.

Benefits of GUSAC:

1.It creates an environment for interested students to evenly space out and implement their ideas.

2.Many students who have potential and are interested in participating in various events fail to do the same, maybe due to lack of proper inter-departmental knowledge and freedom to put forth their ideas. This Centre fills these gaps and provides better prospects for the students of GU.

3.Students are exposed to national level competitions and are provided with a platform to put forth their projects and to gain recognition for their work.

4. Most of the projects are targeted towards nation-building, to help the needy and the disabled.

Stepping Stones to Success:

1. A student gathering will take place every week to discuss their interests and recent trends in Management, Science and Technology.

2. Students will work on their projects and ideas with freedom and utilities.

3. Experienced students will give friendly seminars and problem statements will be given to students as practical assignments to enhance their engineering skills.

4. Events like expos, seminars, fests and workshops will be conducted on a regular basis and representatives from the industry as well as academic circles like IIT will be invited to these events.

5. Faculty members who are interested in sharing their knowledge will always be welcome to do so in any of the aforementioned events and gatherings.

6. Students will be informed about the fests, events, industrial visits, internships to retain the practical approach of curriculum.

7. The centre will be visiting schools nearby to have chalk talks with the kids and also will give them the privilege to showcase their ideas. The interested ones will be called upon to GITAM to have a look at our projects and ideas. If the chords of ingenuity have struck right, why not unearth the Einstein within you???

GUSAC is a dream come true for many students of GITAM. GUSAC organised its inaugural function on 22nd July 2011 with the start of a new academic year and with the aim of imparting knowledge to all through different means. The team GUSAC follows a motto

"It's not what you know; it's what you do with what you know"

This motto inspires each and every student to think beyond their course modules and gain new heights in the world of empirical engineering and sciences through hard work and determination.

GUSAC Achievements

As said, when you do hard work, success follows you. GUSAC got fruitful results after efficient hard work by the students. To mention some, GUSAC received its first mega achievement at NASA.

1.Team GUSAC participated at NASA during summer and reached the finals of the competition beating many teams allround the world. The team returned with showers of appreciation from various scientists for their LUNABOT.

2. By the time GUSAC could stop cherishing their success at NASA, it pops us with another achievement from a student whose paper was published in an international journal. A paper on SELFISH ROUTING in IJST, AUGUST 2011 by PAVAN of 3/4 IT.

3. Continuing the success saga a student named Venkat Manideep of 4/4 IT was certified as security expert from INNO BUZZ for his talent in the fields of hacking and cyber crime prevention.

4. Team GUSAC successfully completed its SRIKAKULAM HYDEL PUMP PROJECT and is now able to irrigate up to 50 acres of land without any pollution and free of cost. Seeing the happiness the faces of the villagers was a priceless achievement.

5. Team GUSAC visited to IIT Kharagpur and returned with on laurels by winning first prize in an event called Submerge (by students of 2nd year Integrated program of Mechanical Engineering) and appreciation for various moonboots and water rockets from IITians and ISRO scientists.

6. A team from final years returned from IIT Guwahati winning first prize in a paper presentation on the topic "Laws for humans, logics for humanoids"

7. Moving away from a fest world GUSAC has various other achievements and one of them will be of VIKAS KUMAR SINGH 4/4 MMM who has applied for patents for 4 different objects and has been landed at national level by varied professional societies in India for his technical contribution towards the society. He has patents on aero rest arm, rod cutting machine, brick making machine etc. and the teams keeps on moving....