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Founded in 1953, the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) is a leading professional society devoted to the advancement of science and technology, of "Electronics, Telecommunications and IT". IETE serves its 60,000 members, both individuals and industries/organizations, through its 65 centers spread all over India and abroad.

Elucidating the need to evolve with rapidly changing global scene, the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of GITAM Institute of Technology-GITAM decided to give its students the impetus to strive to better themselves through the IETE student chapter.

Aims and Objectives of the society:

AIM: The IETE Student Chapter,GITAM; Ever since its inception in 2009 , the Chapter’s primary motive has been to cater to the dynamic requirements of the students. The Chapter has donned multiple roles to serve the purpose and give the students a platform to unravel their best in every facet. Through our activities we aim to perpetuate the virtuous bond between the Teacher and the Taught whereby both are at ease and their qualms are soothed.

OBJECTIVES: INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (IETE) is one of the prominent national apex professional societies devoted to the advancement of science, technology, electronics, telecommunication and information technology. The IETE conducts and sponsors technical meetings, conferences, publishes technical journals and provides career advancement opportunities to its members. The IETE can play a useful and stimulating role by

  1. Improving the standard of education
  2. Counseling the students about the emerging new opportunities
  3. Encouraging outside the classroom studies/practical work
In view of this, the ECE department of GITAM has established IETE STUDENT CHAPTER in the year 2009. However the IETE student chapter has the following broad objectives that mainly focus on the advancement of electro-technology:
  1. To plan and organize technical programmes & activities, such as special lectures, workshops, seminars and symposia for the benefit of student members on a regular basis
  2. To provide a common platform for the student members to exchange ideas and information on the topics of their interest
  3. To facilitate technical visits and to encourage team work and the spirit of self-reliance among the student members

To meet these objectives, the IETE student chapter shall arrange frequent meetings of the student members, together with IETE faculty advisor. In addition annual quiz, essay competitions, technical and non-technical events for the students are organized at the time of midterm symposia.

However the functioning of IETE student chapter shall be reviewed annually by the concerned IETE advisor and Head of ECE Department and the performance is to be reported to them.


Significant Achievements of the Society in GITAM:

Made LIFE ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBER of the Institution on 27thApril 2010.

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