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kalakriti KALAKRITHI


“If you have talent, why not showcase it on a better platform”

This is the most appropriate line that defines the prestigious cultural club of GITAM UNIVERSITY famously known as KALA KRITHI. As the name suggests, it defines the true meaning of creation of art. It is a giant club which never fails to bring out quality talent in various fields like music dance dramatics and creative arts every year with their valuable auditions.

Going back a year into the past, every student had some dream not knowing what to do, how to do and when to do. He wanted to showcase his hippy dance moves in front of GITAM. She wants to create a solar-powered vehicle. They want to prove their potential in this modern competitive world alongside in this realm. But at the end of the day, the dream remained a dream. No carpenter to carve it. No mender to mend it. No fuel to keep the dream burning. No workshop to work in.Today, the situation is totally different. A room full of students working on their dreams. Every student with a sense of satisfaction seeing it happen. No idea is left out. No dream just remains a dream. It is taking its shape down in the dream workshop of every GITAMite, SAC – Students Activities Centre. GUSAC and Kalakrithi comprise the SAC of GITAM enabling every student to pursue his dream Within its three years of existence and excellence it has made its unique mark all over the country by contesting and winning in various contests conducted by IIT’s and NIT’s. It is a proud club that has first introduced the flash mob culture in Visakhapatnam with the name JITTER BUG.

This student body which represents GITAM UNIVERSITY on its behalf has successfully achieved in not only extracting fabulous co- curricular talent in students from all dignitaries and also to improve and showcase the special qualities.

A university is always incomplete without co-curricular activities and KALA KRITHI is the best means for every student to find joy as well as platform to showcase their talent in their busy schedules. Standing apart is the only way for a great identity.